It’s important for homeowners to remember that the way they live in their home and the way they sell their home are two different things. It’s well known that in order for buyers to be able to imagine their own belongings in the home, there needs to be fewer of your things around; this is why decluttering is so important, and why it should be the first thing you do. Organize your closets, take down excessive artwork or pictures from the walls, and clear counters and other surfaces of most items. This is the time to throw things out or donate them if you can, as it will be difficult to hide your excess “stuff” when potential buyers are going through cabinets and closets looking at the space.

While going for this “clean” look, make sure that you actually clean every inch of your home. Dust everything, clean furniture, scrub the floors, and clean all other surfaces and appliances. When doing this cleaning you need to make sure that the kitchen and bathrooms especially are spotless. These are the two rooms that will really sell buyers or turn them off of the home so put in some extra time and effort when cleaning these two rooms.

And when cleaning, don’t forget the outdoors! Curb appeal, or rather, how nice your home looks from the outside, is a huge factor as to when your home will sell and how many interested buyers will set up a viewing appointment. Make sure that you sweep the sidewalk regularly, clean up any garbage, debris, or clutter from your yard and driveway, keep lawns and gardens nicely maintained, and clean both the inside and outside of windows.

It’s important to also remember that while you need to get rid of clutter, you also need to maintain a balance of still keeping a home that looks lived-in and comfortable. Otherwise, buyers will get the impression that the home is cold and stark.

Once you do have potential buyers inside the home, there are a few more things you can do to make it more pleasant. Cooking and baking things like cookies, apple pies, or even spaghetti sauce can add an enticing aroma to the air, and flowers throughout the home can also bring a burst of freshness. Many homeowners like to have nice, soft music playing in the background to make buyers feel more comfortable and have them look and linger a little longer.

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